Floor Protection


1-1/16-Inch Threaded Stem Furniture Glides, 1/4-Inch Stem Diameter, Metal Base with Rubber Cushion, 4-Pack

  • -1/16″ Metal base with rubber cushion
  • Threaded stem size: 1/4″-20 x 1/2″
  • Helps level office and household furniture with adjustable threaded sockets
  • Great for end tables, desks, and chairs
  • Includes 4 glides

1-1/2-Inch Adhesive, Round, Slide Glide Furniture Sliders, Beige, 4-Pack



  • Low friction sliders are placed under heavy items to allow for easy sliding across carpet
  • SlideGlide sliders are molded in a special & exclusive resin that is sturdy, rigid, & ultra-slick with an extra-low coefficient of friction for very easy sliding on carpet
  • Self-adhesive sliders are easy to install – Simply clean, peel, and stick to the underside of furniture and other heavy household objects
  • Surface preparation is key – Surfaces should be free of dirt & debris and sanded if wooden for maximum performance
  • 1-1/2 inch diameter round taupe plastic sliders with self-adhesive backer – 4 Pack

Floor Protection

1-1/2-Inch Clear Plastic Leg Tips, 4-Pack





  • 1-1/2″ inside diameter tip will fit over tubular legs of the same outer diameter.
  • Great for creating a safe and finished look at the end of straight or angled legs or other round items.
  • Friction-tight leg tips are easy to install and quickly slide over furniture legs.
  • Includes (4) 1-1/2 inch transparent plastic leg tips.



1-1/2-Inch Felt Gard Threaded Stem Furniture Glides, 1/4-Inch Stem Diameter, 4-Pack


  • Felt allows for discreet scratch-free motion over wood, tile, and laminate floors, but some applications justify attachment methods beyond traditional self-adhesive
  • Taupe plastic base with steel threaded stem and heavy duty beige felt underside screws into plastic threaded sockets for customized leveling
  • Easy to install – Pre-drill 11/32 inch diameter pilot hole 1 inch into wooden leg to securely position plastic socket before screwing in threaded base
  • Not intended for use on angled chair or table legs, but threaded design allows for customized leveling and heigh adjustment
  • Kit Contains (4) 1-1/2 inch round taupe plastic and heavy duty beige felt threaded bases + (4) plastic internal threaded inserts – 4 Pack







1-1/2-Inch Round Rubber Furniture Cups, Brown, 4-Pack


  • Cups are a simple solution to protect flooring and provide a stable and non-marking base to support furniture feet and casters
  • Solid rubber brown blocks with recessed pockets to fit furniture feet and protect hard surface floors
  • Easy to install and use – Furniture legs or casters sit directly on cups for temporary or longterm use
  • Soft rubber is textured and non-marking to protect floors of all types
  • 1-1/2 inch inside diameter round brown solid rubber cups – 4 Pack
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